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Monday, October 21, 2013

Back to Basics

It began with buttons...learning to sew a button was the first sewing task I learned, waaayyy back when it was actually interesting. Now, sewing buttons is a task I loath...probably because the end product is so very minimal...that satisfaction of completing a project is almost non-existant. However, sometimes going back to basics is necessary. With both of my kids in school, it's time to step up this little hobby I have been playing with for the past few years (or rejoin the work force !@#^@!)...which means sitting down and writing a plan? ...a business plan? Maybe not, but laying out some clear goals and a specific timeline is something that needs to get done...has been done and one of those goals was reaching out...putting to use this blog I created quite a while ago and then left by the wayside...this poor neglected blog that was supposed to catalogue my creations, chronicle my process...entertain?... So, I begin....again...horrible grammar and all! I'm not making any promises...but...I need to get organized, I need to reign in my creative process, dial down my crafting ADD, find focus...so this is where I will start. Hopefully, with proper grammar employed (because the disconnected stream of thoughts flowing through this post will soon annoy me and voices of English teachers past will haunt my dreams), I can share this journey. So it's starting with buttons...my husband needs buttons sewn on his work shirts, something he jokingly asks if I could arrange via some Etsy seamstress because it generally takes months to get it done when he goes through me. He should be pleasantly surprised when he returns from work to find not one shirt done, but two!

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