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Monday, December 8, 2014

Easy Peasy Christmas Gifts for Teachers and Support Staff

It's that time of year again....you know, that time of year to scramble together a massive list of who to give to and what to give. And, if you're anything like me, it always creeps up on you. Every year I have grand plans to have all of my shopping done early, to make wonderful handcrafted gifts or to put together super cute projects for the kids to make. And yet somehow it just doesn't happen. This year is no exception. However, I have a handy backup go-to gift for my kiddo's teachers, coaches, bus driver, etc. Hand sanitizer!!! Bath and Body Works always has their PocketBacs on sale near the holidays. They are usually 5 for $5 and you can mix and match. Last year, I purchased PocketBacs and small gift bags (under $1 at Walmart), a package of Lindt's truffles and a package of Ghiradelli chocolate squares. I placed a couple chocolates and a PocketBac in the bag and had the kids make small gift tags to add a personal touch. If you really want to splurge, you can purchase the travel size lotions to complement the sanitizer. A fun way to make it personal is to purchase plain paper sacks (check these out at Michaels.com) and let the kids decorate them...color a picture, add stickers...express their love for those who care for them when they are away from you. If you have a larger budget, another of my favorite gifts to give is a travel coffee mug with a gift card inside...we did this for my son's preschool teachers (there were two). I purchased inexpensive travel mugs at Walmart and then gave each a $10 gift card to Dunkin Donuts. I then had him draw pictures which we made into handcrafted bookmarks. (I was a little more on top of things that year.)

Monday, December 1, 2014

December Photo A Day Challenge

December is off to an interesting start...the plague (aka flu...the upper respiratory flu) hit our house gracing me with a sick kiddo. As mom, I don't get sick...or so it would seem. My grand plans for December have taken an early hit in conjunction with my energy level as a casualty of this flu. However, I think I have found inspiration to help keep me on track. Over at TheIdeaRoom, they have been doing a monthly Photo A Day challenge. I stumbled across this in my antihistamine fog the other night. December's list of inspiration looks like a lot of fun, so I am giving it a go. Everyday for the month of the December I will attempt to post a photo from the list. Today's photo inspiration was "red and white"...follow me on Instagram or Facebook for the rest of the month to see what I come up with.

#theidearoom Photo A Day Challenge

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