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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Here Comes The Sun

Finding warm inspiration today with this sunny treasury....

Click the here to link to the Etsy treasury and check out some of these amazing artists!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Drawstring Bag Tutorial

Tutorial Time!  I just created a super cute drawstring bag for my little-big girl from the extra fabric had laying around.  This is a very simple project so I thought I would share.....

Skill Level:  Easy

  • Sewing Machine 
  • Scissors 
  • Rotary Cutter(optional) 
  • Iron 
  • Pins
  • 2 Fat Quarters (20"x18") for Exterior of Bag
  • 2 Fat Quarters (20"x18") for Lining/Interior of Bag
  • 8 Yards of Ribbon or String or Thick Cording
  • 2 Grommets
  • Thread


Step 1. -  Cutting

Cut your exterior fabric to 16" wide by 18" high/long and do the same for your interior fabric.  So you will have 4 pieces of fabric that are 16"x18"
Next, from the scraps you have left, cut two pieces of fabric that are 16" across by 4" high; these will be the casing for the drawstrings.  I used the lining fabric which gave a nice contrast at the top of the bag.

Step 2. -  Create the Casing

Press 3/4" in on each end of your casing pieces and stitch with a 5/8" seam allowance. Then fold them in half lengthwise and press;  edge stitch along the fold.  Set aside.

Step 3. -  Sew The Sides

With exterior fabric right sides together, sew along the SIDES ONLY; repeat with the lining fabric. Press seams open.

Step 4. -  Attach the Casing

Turn your lining right sides out and insert into the exterior of your bags; right sides should be together and be sure to line up the side seams.  Insert one casing piece into the front of the bag between the exterior fabric and the lining fabric; pin.  Repeat with the other casing piece. Stitch all the way around with 5/8" seam allowance.  Turn the exterior of the bag right sides out and gently tug on the casing pieces to fold the fabric; press the seam and then top stitch along the seam.

Step 5. -  Sew the Bottom

Now, turn the back inside out so that the lining is out and the exterior fabric is in. Lay flat and fold up 1" and then fold again, press and stitch.

Step 6. -  Insert the Grommets

Using a pen or marking pencil, trace the inside of a grommet ring making sure to place it in away from the side and bottom seams of the bag. Cut out the circle (or if you're using smallish grommets as I did, make a cut for the bottom grommet to push through). Using either grommet pliers or the grommet anvil, attach the grommets.

Step 7. -  String it Up!

Now you will need to cut your string piece in half creating two approx. 48" pieces (you can go longer or shorter depending on the size of the person who will be using the bag).  Attach a safety pin to one end of your string/ribbon and insert it into the right end of the back casing; feed the string out through the left side of the back casing.  Now insert the string into the left end of the front casing and feed it through to the right of the front casing.  You should now have both ends of your string on the right of the bag.  Next, you will need to do the same thing with your other piece of string, but starting on the left side of the bag (so feeding through from the left back casing opening out and around through the front right casing opening and back so your two string tails of the second piece of string are hanging out the left side).
Next, feed both ends of the right string through the right grommet.  You can now make a knot big enough so that it doesn't slip back through the grommet.  I took it a step further and created bows to add a little flair to my bag.  Repeat with the left side strings.
Now you can pull both sides together to cinch it up and it is all set to go!